Be A Rhetorical Ninja

You have learned much, grasshopper, and now you’re ready for the master moves: going beyond the sentence level, these tutorials will broaden your awareness of the options available to you as a writer. Click the title of each tutorial to see more info and use the “View Now” link to check out the tutorial and related exercises.

This lesson introduces you to two advanced rhetorical moves: tropes, tricks you use to “turn” or change the meaning of words (think metaphor), and schemes, language patterns you can use to keep your readers engaged with your writing. View Now

A little repetition never hurt anyone; in fact, it might just help you stay connected to your audience. Here’s how. View Now

Balance ain’t just for tightrope walkers. Your sentences should be balanced as well. This lesson on “grammatical parallelism” is part 1 of a two-part lesson on how to add balance to your sentences. View Now

Part 2 of our lesson on balance. This one is about “rhetorical balance.” View Now

You may have heard that fragments are bad or even had teachers mark you down on writing for having them. They can be powerful tools for the skilled writer, though. You’ll learn to recognize the best fragments in this tutorial. View Now